Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gemma dared to go on stage last Saturday (16/ Mar/ 2013) for the Dora lookalike contest and win herself a Dora bag... cheers!

Monday, November 5, 2012

I don't seem to be able to add list to milestones. got java error.
no time to troubleshoot so I adding here...
For Gemma
Sit roller coaster @ Legoland Msia @ 4 years 3 months plus (4 Nov 12)
sit pirate ship @ 4 years 2 month
As you can see she is quite adventurous. She really loves the roller coaster! At her first attempt, she sat at the front seat... brave gal!

Another one added to her milestone

- Know my handphone number @ 4 years and 5 months (Dec 2012)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Find that Gem is getting cleverer...

Last night, little Gem ask her brother to draw angry bird. Jasper tried and didn't draw as what she has directed. She remarked "wrong" Jasper replied "ok I cancel it". To which, Gem replied" Nooo you can't cancel. you had to erase!" Jasper say "ok then how?" Gem asked him to go find eraser and he quickly go... hahaha imagine being ordered by his younger sister.

and today Gem shows that she can really remember things better than all of us. Today, they had to wear shoes to school as there is class photography. All of us forgotten and nearly walked out. She reminded us about the shoes. Heng she reminded if not we had to go back later and be late

She also remember which floor we parked ... yes all 3 of us can't remember which floor... hahaha She was very proud then... bravo!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

ah.... Gemma now is back on diaper at nites as I am simply too tired to wake her up to pee and she too... she will get grumpy... so lazy mummy put her on diapers again.

I have bought the mattress and pillow protector but I am simply too tired and no guts to put her diaperless... hiaz...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Finally last nite Gemma went diaperfree and didn't wet the bed! congrats to myself and her of cos!

Anyway I woke up 2 times to make her go toilet and each time there is pee. so sort of lucky and got the right timing... so more sleepless nites to come... ;p

but I am very glad for her achievement!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

yesterday nite, we went Ikea and bought 2 photo frames. Hb told the kids to keep it a secret from maid as it is meant for her. The kids will each create their own artpiece on the frames and then will give it personally to maid only on Saturday (her last day).

Anyway upon reaching home, Gem will so excited that she let out the beans, she told auntie " we got something for u" at first maid was puzzled and I wanna brushed it off.

However, Jasper gasped and said " oh mei mei u not suppose to say. it a secret and surprise for her.... mummy and daddy say cannot say and then we do and pass to auntie on Sat..."

hahahha kids really cannot keep secrets. and Gem started digging the photo frames out. I was trying to hide but since she knew, no choice. so ended up no surprise.
After the perth trip, I realise that they can eat more westernised food such as pizza and burger. Jasper dares to try a mos burger just the other day.

Last saturday, we went to a gathering whereby a pri 1 gal commented that when my boy smiles, he is quite handsome... omg these days gals r daring... dare to say hahaha I must be wary when my boy starts p1 in 2 yrs time!